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Date: Nov 14 1:23 PM, 2006
RE: [From Deliteful] - Hello To All

Hey Caroline,

I'm in Galway. Nice of you to send a reply and of course the info. I have dropped a big hint to himself ... perfect Xmas gift etc. etc! I agree with you on the 2nd hand versions having character esp. for something like this. And I just discoved my colleagues Mum has all the books up in the attic, which i prob can borrow but would rather have my own collection!

All for now,


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Date: Nov 14 1:18 PM, 2006

Hi and welcome Demelza !

I think I've heard of one or two other mothers (possibly parents ?!) in the past naming their daughters after Demelza from Poldark as well. Do people ever remark on it because they knew the series or is it a new name to them ? I've always wanted to visit Ireland myself, perhaps one day I will. What county are you from ?

As you're on a budget E-bay might be your best option for everything though other members of the board can best advise on this. But the link below should at least give you an idea to start with :


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Date: Nov 14 1:01 PM, 2006

Hello Demelza

Welcome to the forums. And how lucky you are to have such an imaginative name. I've never met an Irish Demelza. Whereabouts in the west are you? My family are from Galway/Mayo (although I live in London) and I actually think that's why I love Cornwall so much, there is a lot of similarity, scenery-wise and it makes me feel very at home.

Regarding copies of the book, the best place without a doubt is ebay or Amazon marketplace where they go for silly prices if you don't mind second hand. Actually, I prefer the second hand versions, they seem to have more character and, if you're lucky, you might get a picture of Robin Ellis on the front!

DVD is obviously more expensive but just as easy to get hold of. Again, ebay might be your best bet.  

Hope to speak soon!


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Date: Nov 13 3:57 PM, 2006

Hello to all!

I just stumbled across this today so decided to drop you all a wee note. My name is Demelza and I am from the West of Ireland. Mum of course named me after the character in Poldark when I was born in 77 - guess she was watching it like I watch Corrie these days!

I have yet to visit Cornwall but have always had it in my list of things to do. i also would love to read Winstons Poldark novels and get both series of the tv adaptation. So can you help/advise me on where to purchase both of these on line from Ireland. i'm on a budget but would like to get these new but second hand like new would be fab!

Anyways I hope to get my hands on the above and pop back onto the forum with a bit more knowledge (I've only see a few programmes of Poldark and heard my Mum and friends talk about it to date :)

All for now, Demelza


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