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Date: Oct 26 1:33 AM, 2006
RE: Just saying hello.

Hello, Caroline and Bowithick! We've met in other threads but it's the first I've seen this thread. The Poldark board being busy lately confuses me, but it's about time!
I've never been to Cornwall (I live in the US but my heart is in England), you both are lucky. The scenery is just beautiful (at least from what I can see in the series and pictures)!
Elizabeth: "We're on your land?"
George: "We've been on my land for the last hour."
What it must have been like to live in those times! Even the poor seemed to have grand houses!

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Date: Oct 24 5:42 PM, 2006

Just imagine, being able to talk with Caroline, surely the most lovely of all the Poldark ladies!!!

Rather like yourself, it is my love affair with Cornwall which somehow becomes intermingled with my fascination for Poldark, and the sort of conviction that their lives were actually real. Maybe in some alternate universe they really did exist and have their being. Certainly, I have been ensnared with the Poldark Saga since it aired on the BBC all those years ago - unfortunately, yes, I am that old!!!

As I said in my intro post, after viewing the complete series, it was the most satisfying literary experience ever, to read the first seven novels, back to back, in one virtually seamless sitting. It really did feel as if I was reading the actual history of a real family, such was the mastery and research of his subject and characters by Winston Graham. I have subsequently read all the novels, and feel the time must be fast approaching when I need to start again at the beginning, particularly as I have recently finished viewing all of the original video tapes.

I don't really hold out much hope of there being a new series, although, as the characters have aged in the later novels, there is no real reason why at least Robin Ellis and Angharad Rees should not reprise their portrayal of Ross and Demelza, nor even Judy Geeson as your lovely namesake.

Incidentally, why Bowithick?? Well, Bowithick is a glorious and remote agricultural hamlet, buried on the edge of Bodmin Moor, just below the lonely Davidstow Moor WWII airfield, and not a million miles away from the villages of Demelza and Warleggan, so partly in WG's Poldark country.

Two weeks to go, and we'll be back down there for my birthday weekend, so more Cornish longings to be satisfied.

Lovely to speak to you




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Date: Oct 22 8:52 PM, 2006

Hi all.

I have been a member of this forum pretty much since the beginning (ignore the 2 posts and join date. Forgot user name and password so had to re-register!).

Have just been to Cornwall so it re-ignited my interest and I thought I'd pop back in to see what's what. It's great to see so many new members.

I discovered Poldark on UK Gold about 5 years ago and have been addicted ever since. No prizes for guessing who my favourite character is. Preferring Dwight and Caroline is a lonely business in Poldark Land but I've learnt to deal with it! Besides, I think there are enough Ross/Demelza supporters to fight their corner!

I look forward to talking with you all

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