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Post Info TOPIC: Comparing Series 5 to the books


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Date: Aug 11 5:41 PM, 2019
RE: Comparing Series 5 to the books

Hello Blackleburr. Thank you for starting a very interesting thread. I'd like to add a little something I noticed. In one of the earlier episodes of Series 5, Ross and GC go to George to ask him for help in funding GC's desire to go into the Royal Military College. George looks at them and says "ah, well I wish him a speedy bullet.'

In The Stranger From The Sea, there are two places where both GC and George think of the other taking a bullet. On pages 24-25, when Ross and GC are talking in Portugal, GC comments to Ross... 'And while we're about it, about this talk of bullets, perhaps I should inquire after the health of the man who certainly deserves one, though he'll take good care never to come within range. I'm speaking of course of Stepfather George.'  Then on page 39, during George's annual visit to Trenwith, George is reflecting on the condition of the estate and thinks...'It was not his, but belonged to that thin, arrogant, inimical Geoffrey Charles Poldark now fighting with that blundering unsuccessful sepoy general somewhere in Portugal. If, of course, Geoffrey Charles stopped a bullet before the British decided to cut their losses and effect another panic evacuation like Sir John Moore's, then of course the house would come to him.'




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Date: Aug 10 11:08 PM, 2019

I live in the US so I'm unable to view the current series 5 episodes.  However, I am watching the Poldarkdish recaps as well as where someone in Spain is uploading key scenes.  Based on this, I think the second business transaction that uncle Carey prevents is the sale of Wheal Plenty to Ross.  

Not sure if this is on topic, but, here's my event wish list for the remaining episodes:  the birth of Isabella Rose (most important event of gap years),  Ross going to the West Indies; Ross taking Jeremy to see the new steam engine; the arrival of Mrs. Kemp as Clowance's tutor; possibly both Caroline and Morwenna becoming pregnant; the marriage of Sam and Rosina.  Also, I think there was an incident where some of the miners were caught stealing some of the coal product from Wheal Grace.  It will be fun to see the final storyline here.



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Date: Jul 31 12:08 PM, 2019

Appreciating that opinions on the likeability of the TV series vary, I would like to pick up the idea of keeping a checklist of the gap-decade events described in the books which made it into Series 5 (with a nod to Little Henry). We could also include any other themes/events shown on-screen which align with the books. As well as any glaring omissions or contradictions. 

For starters, I have the following two points of tangency:
1. Dwight making the point that past head injuries may have an effect on a person's mental health in Episode 2 reminded me of a similar theme in Bella Poldark.
2. In The Stranger of the Sea WG writes that 'in the first year of [George's] widowerhood Cary had twice saved George from making unwise speculative investments' - I think Series 5's mahogany business could well end up being one of the two.
Your thoughts? Additions?

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