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Date: Feb 14 9:36 AM, 2019
RE: favourite quotes from Ross

In the Black Moon, when Ross and Demelza are talking at Christmas time after Caroline has gone to bed...

Demelza is considering how much Ross and Caroline like each other and comments that she neither looks like a wife or has been a wife for a while (due to recent childbirth)

...'How better could you be my wife than by bringing me another daughter...'


In Warleggan, when R&D are invited to John Trevaunance's dinner party and Ross enquires if she ever is nervous still going into company.  Demelza implies that compliments would give her confidence.

He bent slowly and kissed her neck in the soft part where neck and shoulder join. 'Might I prefer you that confidence now?'



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Date: Feb 13 5:01 PM, 2019

I love the casual, simple comment he makes in The Twisted Sword, talking to Demelza about when they met:  "I didn't know what sort of a catch I was making either.  Dear Heaven, that was the luckiest day of my life."  It brings Demelza to happy tears and leads to "Let me have you."



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Date: Feb 11 7:29 PM, 2019

A difficult task for me Blackleburr because it's hard to choose. Here are a few.  

(1) If Ross could charm curmudgeonly old Aunt Agatha, he could charm anyone. In RP, on her first Trenwith visit, Agatha quizzed Demelza on her age while the family looked on.

"Aunt Agatha also glanced at Ross, her small eyes wicked among their sheaf of wrinkles. "Know how old I am?" Demelza shook her head. "I'm ninety-one. Last Thursday sennight." "I didn't know you were as old as that," Francis said. "It's not everything you know, my boy. Ninety-one last Thursday sennight. What d'you say to that, Ross?"

"Sweet at any age,"Ross said in her ear.. Aunt Agatha grinned with pleasure. "You was always a bad boy. Like your father.

(2) In Demelza, Ross is puzzled at Francis' animosity. He is shocked when Demelza confesses that it was she who secretly helped Verity elope, and Francis believes Ross was behind it.

R: 'I can't believe you did it,' he said at last. 'if--if anyone had told me I should have named him a liar. I thought you were trustworthy and loyal...To go behind my back. That is what I can't stomach or--or even quite believe yet. The deceit--'

D: 'I tried to do it openly. But you wouldn't let me.'

R:...'So you did it underhand, eh? Nothing mattered, no loyalty or trust, so long as you got your way.'

D: 'It wasn't for myself. It was for Verity.'

R: 'The deceit and the lies,' he said with tremendous contempt...'I prided myself that this, this association of ours was the one constant in my life. The one thing that would be changeless and untouchable. I should have staked my life on it. Demelza was true to the grain. There wasn't a flaw in her--In this damned world--'

D: 'Oh Ross,' she said with a sudden great sob. 'You'll break my heart.'

R: ...'You're a woman with all the subtler instincts of right and wrong. Loyalty is not a thing to be bought. it is freely given or withheld. Well, by God, you have chosen to withhold it.'

(3) In the Black Moon, Demelza's brothers invade Nampara. In bed, Ross discusses Drake's similarity to Demelza.

R: 'He's somewhat like you, isn't he?' Ross said.

D: 'What?'

R: 'Well, the colouring. The 'shape of face. And a look in his eye.'

D: `What sort of a look?'

R: `You ought to know. Difficult. Hard to handle.`

D: Demelza withdrew her knee. 'I knew there was some ill word coming.'

R: Ross put his hand on her other knee. 'I prefer this one. This one has the scar on it where you fell out of the elm tree when you were fifteen.'

D: 'No. I only scratched my legs then. This was when I pulled the cupboard on top of myself.' 

R: 'You see. Exactly what I meant. Difficult. Hard to handle.'

D: `And getting battered an' worn.'

R: 'Not to notice. Blemishes on the beauty of a person one loves are like grace notes adding something to a piece of music.'





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Date: Feb 10 4:50 PM, 2019

In The Angry Tide, WG gave the following description of Ross: "Ross was not the best letter-writer in the world. His warmth, of which Demelza knew so much, came out in personal contact. When he was with you he could suddenly say the sort of things to melt any woman's heart - or on another occasion to freeze it." Inspired by that quote, I thought we might put together a list of our favourite heart-melting and heart-freezing lines that Ross says throughout the books. For a start, here are two of mine:

A heart-melter from Jeremy Poldark, when Ross was trying to make amends to Demelza after they've quarrelled over Hugh Bodrugan - I always thought if I was there in Demelza's place, Ross would have had me at the tart and cream
When he had finished he put some tart and cream in a dish and a couple of the scones and took it upstairs. 
He found her in their room lying on the bed. It was her favourite retreat in her rare moments of despair. She had her face in the pillow, and she didn't move when he came in or when he sat on the bed. 
She might have been dead for all the response this produced. 
'Demelza. I've brought you some tart.'
'I don't want nothing to eat,' she said in a muffled voice. 
'All the same, a mouthful or two can be put away somewhere. I want to talk to you.'
'Not now, Ross,' she said. 
'Yes now.'
I think fundamentally, what I find most touching in this scene, is how Ross refuses to take no for an answer - that, and the contents of the dish!
As for heart-freezers, there is one left to our imagination by WG that I would really want to hear - in Ross Poldark, when Demelza got boozed and catalyzed a fight in Ross's kitchen:
For the first time Demelza had felt the acid sting of Rosss tongue and had curled up and wanted to die.
And what are yours?

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