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Post Info TOPIC: Caroline...still not sure


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Date: Jul 4 1:39 PM, 2018
RE: Caroline...still not sure

I wish Gabriella Wilde had been given the role of Elizabeth. She certainly looks more like WG's Elizabeth than either Eleanor Tomlinson -- the first choice for Elizabeth -- or Heida Reed. And she certainly casts a longer shadow than Reed. 



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Date: Jul 4 9:59 AM, 2018

I agree with Little Henry, I like Gabriella in the role. I wasn't sure at first because of her appearance being so contrary to book Caroline, plus all the little tricks used to conceal her pregnancy. It didn't take long, though, to appreciate her subtle style of acting.

Yes, there is definitely some attraction between Ross and Caroline, but somehow it is open and light, and they even discuss it without any danger of action. I think some of that is because they are all so close as a foursome, and both Ross and Caroline acknowledge that the attraction they feel is a pale imitation of their marriages. Dwight and Demelza are just close friends, with an element of the doctor/patient relationship to muddy the waters a little.

Generally, previews nearly always try to imply the exact opposite of what happens - a ploy to draw viewers back. I can't believe even Debbie Horsfield would be unintelligent enough to try to take that storyline, especially when they should be still grappling with Hugh's death and its implications.



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Date: Jul 4 6:24 AM, 2018

I would say it definitely is a ploy of TVland that they never seem to tire of.  I always think of the time I heard an ad for "Victoria" with the dramatic query "Will Victoria marry Albert?" as if practically the whole world didn't know that she did.  It's quite laughable.  There is an admiration in the book between Ross and Caroline and Caroline shows her attraction to Ross several times by kissing him and then later in their conversation coming home from London.  There is nothing but friendship between Dwight and Demelza in the books.  I did watch the first showing of "Poldark" in the 70's and when the new Caroline was introduced in the current series I thought she lacked energy as compared to the first Caroline.  But I have grown to like Gabriella's more subtle approach.  She shows her arrogance and unflappability well.  Her calm demeanor is very aristocratic but her eyes show that she doesn't miss anything and is perceptive.  I believe that she really likes the Poldarks, even the children, and is a good friend.



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Date: Jul 3 10:53 AM, 2018

I'm still not sure about the casting and portrayal of the character of Caroline. Gabriella's acting still seems a little wooden to me. Also the character does not feel like she has the same 'gusto' as how I took her from the books.


I always felt there was a frisson between Ross and Caroline, and that they admired each other physically as well as each others independent streaks. I haven't really felt this from the series so far. 

I also noticed that the preview clips for episode five showed Demelza and Dwight together, with a hint of something to come between them, only to be confirmed to me on reading some reaction to this on twitter from viewers who hadn't read the novels and were wondering what was to come of these two together. I certainly don't remember feeling that way from the novels. Is this a ploy for TV purposes to keep viewers guessing?


Admittedly it's a long time since I have read the novels,and maybe I need to re-read? I would welcome your views.

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