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Post Info TOPIC: "The History of Primrose Prettyface"


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Date: Nov 13 6:06 AM, 2017
RE: "The History of Primrose Prettyface"

It never even occurred to me that it might be a real book.

I imagine that WG would be astounded to know that (thanks to the internet) people all over the world can get a hold of "Primrose". I wonder if he ever saw a copy with the wings coloured in, and it subconsciously made its way into the narrative?



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Date: Nov 2 2:28 PM, 2017

Dark Mare,

I don't recall what I thought when reading this. I probably glossed over it, in a hurry to find out who the informer was and what would happen with Dwight and Caroline. But as it turned out, it wasn't just a filler; WG used it very cleverly as a critical clue in the informer mystery. Warleggan was a roller coaster. I don't think I got much sleep when first reading it.

But this is a nice find. It is the kind of detail that adds so much realism to the Poldark world. Another excellent example of WG's meticulous research.  




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Date: Oct 29 1:00 PM, 2017

Am I the only one who thought WG had to have invented the title "The History of Primrose Prettyface"? Nope. Portions of the book are even available online: 
Alas, one thing that isn't there is the picture of the all-important angel. It must be on one of the missing pages.
Page 44, "Warleggan" 

... Hubert, looking papery and wasted, was brought forward into the sunlight falling through the open doorway, and Dwight cast a professional eye over him while pretending to admire his story book. It was a new kind, cheaply printed in Plymouth on sheets of stiff paper with line pictures illustrating The History of Primrose Prettyface and bound between covers of thin horn with a wooden handle. The first picture was of an angel, and 
Hubert had coloured the wings red.


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