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Date: Aug 29 10:52 AM, 2017
RE: Ward Lock Book 4 - Warleggan

Having begun all the books again some weeks ago, I have recently finished Warleggan.

I believe at one time I preferred the first 3 books, but have come to realise how much this one has to offer.  It is a real roller-coaster containing love, betrayal, faithfulness, unfaithfulness, tenderness, friendship, anger, jealousy, greed, longing, loathing and many other traits and emotions.

We come to know Caroline's true character - how misunderstood she is by the casual acquaintance.  The last months of Francis' life and the consequences of his death.  George features heavily and we learn of his malice, jealousy and surprisingly, a slightly more human side of him too.  The informer story is woven into the fabric of village life beautifully, ending with that night when Ross is so nearly caught up again in 'the trade' and Dwight's involvement resulting in he and Caroline going their separate ways.  Each event is believable, especially the morning after 9th May, when Demelza is depicted as distraught, not knowing what to do. Ross is in like state, but cannot work out his true feelings for a long time.  That period afterwards when both Ross and Demelza are so miserable but don't know how to resolve their differences is absolutely true to life.  We learn how similar R&D actually are.  They are each fiercely loyal, have oodles of self-doubt and at the same time are proud individuals.  Neither can articulate their feelings in a way that satisfies them.

I love the story of Caroline's generosity and the way it's written.  WG had the wonderful ability to put himself into a female mind and really understand how women behave and react to things in ways that are different from men.

There is so much in this volume that gives first time readers no idea how it will end.  The ending, of course is absolutely tear-jerking - surely no-one can read those final pages dry-eyed.

How strange that, having written four wonderful books, culminating in Warleggan and creating such a brilliant finale, we had to wait 20 years for WG to put pen to Poldark paper again.  Thank goodness he at last thought to discover for himself what happened to R&D after Christmas Eve 1793.



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Date: Aug 8 8:57 PM, 2017

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