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Post Info TOPIC: Ward Lock Book 3 - Jeremy Poldark.


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Date: Aug 30 3:46 PM, 2017
RE: Ward Lock Book 3 - Jeremy Poldark.

Mrs Gimlett,

Thank you for these Ward Lock reviews. They help put things in perspective.


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Date: Aug 29 8:06 PM, 2017

In this, the third book, we find out much more about Dwight than in the later editions.  One or two eccentric characters he has contact with are completely omitted from future editions. 

Generally, of course JP is mostly taken up with events both before and during the trial in Bodmin.  It seems a natural progression from 'Demelza', detailing R&Ds lives scraping out a living in fairly dire circumstances.  There is always something to cause a minor skirmish in their marriage though, in this case her concealment of pregnancy.  It is something I cannot quite understand.  They had a close relationship, shared a bed each night and he didn't realise until very late in the day!  I would have given him credit for better powers of observation than that!  Demelza must have been a master of deception where pregnancy was concerned.

Francis features in various ways throughout the book too.  Elizabeth never understood she was the cause of his behaviour.  Demelza could have helped him so much had she had more contact with him in the previous books.

The other point which occurred to me when I was reading it not many weeks ago was this.  Ross arrived home all bruised and untidy, scruffy and irate, after his encounter with George in the Red Lion and because Demelza was in the throes of producing Jeremy, we never get to hear what she said about it, or her reactions to the fight (although she refers obliquely to it in a later book). Her thoughts on the event at that time would have been interesting.  At least Dwight was on hand to offer first (or by that time, second) aid...




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Date: Aug 8 8:55 PM, 2017

Discussions about Ward Lock Book 3 - Jeremy Poldark.


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