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Post Info TOPIC: Who wins Elizabeth's heart, the man or his house?


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Date: Jun 27 10:56 PM, 2017
Who wins Elizabeth's heart, the man or his house?

I've been thinking about Elizabeth lately, and I got to wondering whether she didn't marry men as much as she married the houses that came with them. (The poor girl got lots of coaching from her parents, who were looking to move up from Cusgarne, their drafty and rundown home. Unfortunately for the Chynoweths, Cardew wasn't built yet when they were first shopping for a husband/house for their only child/future meal ticket.) I thought it would be fun to find three homes here in Southern California that could represent Cardew, Trenwith and Nampara: 
For Cardew, I thought of The Manor, the largest single-family home in Los Angeles County. Built by the late television producer Aaron Spelling in Beverly Hills, it now belongs to British heiress Petra Ecclestone Stunt. (It seems so Warlegganish to want a house designed as a giant monogram.): 
For Trenwith, I chose the Tudor Revival Ramsay-Durfee House, aka Villa Maria, in the Windsor Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. (When Elizabeth first saw Cardew, she thought it made Trenwith look like a country cottage): 
Finding a Nampara was more difficult. I figured it would have to be a hillside house right above the ocean. That meant Malibu. However, two things conspired against me: The devastating Malibu Fire of a few decades ago and the era of teardown mania, when so many sea-view houses were replaced by modern big glass boxes (Beach property has become all about the view soeveryone seems to be living in glass houses now.). Finally I found this one. The house looks anything but English, but there is something about it that says, "I don't care whether I impress you. My owner loves me just the way I am, and that's good enough for me." (To be fair to Elizabeth, this Nampara would not have looked this inviting when she first saw it. It is all about the landscaping so it needed a Demelza to recognize and bring out its charm.)

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