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Date: Aug 26 1:48 PM, 2015
RE: Hello From The US Rocky Mountains

Thank you for the kind welcome. It was all those intriguing differences between the first series, the latest and the novels that they are based on that drove me to want to find someone, some place to discuss them. I described what happened when I tried with some members of my own family or others, so I'm very glad you all have created this board!

Regarding your question on Gone With The Wind, there's no mistaking that at it's core there is a love story there, but I think for most American men it's considered fine to watch, enjoy and discuss the film because we see it (or at least pretend to) primarily as a war film. And the American Civil War is considered just about THE seminal event in American history. While I know war plays a role in the Poldark novels I always saw the action as taking place in Cornwall 

I had read an article on Eleanor Tomlinson stating that many young British actresses considered the Demelza role the "Scarlett O'Hara" role of the UK? Do you Brits generally consider that an accurate statement?

Sadly, given the state of American education there are more and more young people in the U.S. who can't even place the Civil War in the correct century. Given that, while American film "buffs" and those of my generation and older will always call GWTW a classic, it is slowly fading from memory among our young.

Further, I must admit to you that I also have never read the novel but I have seen the film several times. As you have written, just about all adaptations of novels to the screen will contain "liberties" the screenwriters take  . . . .for some reason. Maybe to sell the story to a younger generation . . . .maybe to allow it to "play" on the screen . . .or maybe because they just feel they're improving upon the original, but the changes do occur.

And while perhaps sinful to some of you on this board, my other posts contain some actual wishes for the next series in this new version that would contain big departures from the novel, but that's the hopeless romantic in my talking. Probably a naive one because I know, ultimately, I'd most enjoy a story that remains most true to the novels! Thank you again for the welcome! 



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Date: Aug 26 11:46 AM, 2015

Hi WG II and welcome to the forum ! You'll find we're all and will always be under the spell of WG's writing too many of us having read all of the books many times over so you'll be in good company.

Things have been a bit quieter on here since the new series was announced last year, but I expect once all the latest new fans of the  Poldark film have finally finished reading all the 12 novels it should soon pick up again. One new thing of interest of course, and as you've mentioned elsewhere, is the many likely future comparisons that could be made between the first and second film series and how they will compare to the books. For me personally however I've always felt that it will always be impossible to transfer Poldark to the screen successfully simply because it's not by WG, however if it ever appeared as a radio serial lasting years then that would be fantastic.

Very wise I think to read all the remaining books first so as to avoid all of the many spoilers in the forum as you've a lot of treats in store.

Incidentally and although I've never read the book, how do modern Americans especially the guys treat the book and film versions of "Gone With The Wind" ? In much the same way as Poldark as well.... ?


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Date: Aug 25 4:35 PM, 2015

Hello. Im so happy to have found this board! Im married father in my early fifties living here in Colorado in the States. I can only partially explain how this series of books and television productions has had such a profound impact on my life by becoming an unmitigated source of pleasure, so I wont try  . . .except to say that it has, and I fully embrace it.

I struggle because as I try to explain my connection to the Poldark novels and series to my average fellow American . . . .I get strange looks. And if that person is male! The looks are even more odd. I realize what Im describing to them is truly an epic love story and well, we red-blooded American males, were NOT supposed to be into that sort of thing. And in terms of any other romantic writings, Im not! I swear!  Heck, Im a retired U.S. Army Officer!  But, gosh . . . .THESE novels . . . .THESE productions! I cant get enough and just have a deep desire to talk about them with others who wont shake their heads and walk away.

Being early fifties I discovered the series through the BBC production from 75 77 with Robin Ellis and Angharad Rees. I was an American teenage male and this should have been the furthest thing from anything that would capture my attention, but it did. Maybe I was just at that perfect spot in life for a romance.  I was an excellent history student in school so I believe the historical aspect helped. PBS here in the States had just started running Monty Python and I became enraptured with anything British. So maybe Poldark followed Monty Python or, vice versa, but I saw an episode and was hooked.  I was so hooked, in fact, that after the first series ran I went out and bought the novel and just devoured them.  So the writing style of Winston Graham also served to seal the deal with me. He is just simply marvelous.

Poldark did fade in my life as all the other aspects of growing up took center stage.  I went to college, earned my Commission, married and started a family with my wife.  Now I was raising children, going to work and shamefully, I have to admit, made little time for myself for pleasurable reading or even television.

So this past May, in a rare moment of TV watching, and now given the new generation of TV service with on-demand watching and an on-screen guide to blaze through whats coming up . . . . .I see a little advertisement at the bottom of the screen for Poldark coming to Masterpiece this June. I stopped and was immediately transported back to the mid 70s and all that joy those Sunday nights, and those books, gave me. I researched this upcoming show on Masterpiece and found that it was a new version, a re-making of this series that I loved. I felt a little trepidation with thoughts of why would anyone try to re-make perfection? But I watched the first episode with my on demand feature and was, just like that, re-hooked and feeling like a teenager again!


So, thats my story. Maybe Im at an age now where I have just need the joy of Poldark again in my life and Ive made the decision to make time for it. Much has changed since I first became enthralled with the novels and the series. I have the internet now and a way to reach out to others who love this story as much as me! Thats why Im here. I have only read the novels that comprised the first two series from the 1970s, so I will abide by the rules here and not venture into areas based upon the remaining novels. I will have to begin reading those very soon. Thank you for letting me participate.  ~ Wheal Greggy

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