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Date: Oct 13 5:21 PM, 2015
RE: Hello from NY

Mountain gal, you are keeping your literary genres alive - Poldark is the biography of a man who never lived.  A place and time that never existed.  And yet, it is a man you call friend and a place and time you remember living in.


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Date: Oct 10 6:35 AM, 2015

Hello Mountaingal! Greetings from Australia. Loads to read & discuss here as you are discovering.


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Date: Aug 11 9:47 PM, 2015

Hi Mountaingal,

And like Ross says a very warm welcome form this side of the Pond. I first met Poldark with the original BBC TV Series back in the 1970s, and have been hooked ever since. Having read straight through the first seven books back to back shortly after, and also watched the TV Series several times, I then bought all twelve books in the Centenary edition around ten years or so ago, and re-read them cover to cover, back to back, after the new Series started here in March, and once again it was just like meeting old friends again, you know, like you've never really stopped meeting. You have at least two pleasures, no make that three, yet to come. Firstly, collecting and reading all twelve books from beginning to end, then going back to the beginning, and this time through picking up all sorts of little extras you missed on the first time through, and of course, lastly, like the rest of us, looking forward to all those future episodes which the BBC have yet to produce, although, praise be, the second series has already been commissioned, and starts filming in the autumn, I believe

Keep us posted as you read through, we'll love to hear how you enjoy experiencing the rest of the saga.




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Date: Aug 11 11:10 AM, 2015

Hi Mountaingal and welcome to the forum where we're all still just as much hooked as well even after many years of re-reading the books several times over too. In fact you'll most probably discover once you've read all 12 books there's some small detail or other you need to find quickly, only to still be reading something else an hour or two later completely forgetting what you were looking for in the first place !

Be careful as there's many spoilers on the forum so best to read all the books first then join in.

A lot of treats in store - pleasant


1. Ross Poldark: 1783-1787
2. Demelza: 1788-1790
3. Jeremy Poldark: 1790-1791
4. Warleggan: 1792-1793
5. The Black Moon: 1794-1795
6. The Four Swans: 1795-1797
7. The Angry Tide: 1789-1799
8. The Stranger From The Sea: 1810-1811
9. The Miller's Dance: 1812-1813
10. The Loving Cup: 1813-1815
11. The Twisted Sword: 1815
12. Bella Poldark: 1818-1820


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Date: Aug 11 12:23 AM, 2015

Well I am hooked. I watched the Poldark Episodes on our local PBS and made my husband run out to get the books. Barnes and Noble only had three in store so he bought those and today I bought the 4th book ( I think ) in the series. Is it Warlaggen? I am getting conflicting information as to what books come after the initial first three. Anyway I am not really a romance loving book lover, I am more of a biography nut. This Poldark caught my eye and well the rest is history. Anyway I am from NY and part time student at the ripe old age or retirement. I am glad I found this forum and can't wait to talk to you all and to get to know you all. -Gal-

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