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Date: Apr 18 9:45 PM, 2015
Hi from New South Wales

Hi Fijane and a very warm welcome to the forum where things are already starting to warm up, so hope you have plenty of enjoyable discussions as there's already lots to discuss over the new film's adaptations and approach to the books and which medium one eventually prefers the more. For many always a difficult choice in the past and by the looks of things I think it's going to be even harder this time


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Date: Apr 18 1:36 PM, 2015

Hello Fijane, thanks for taking the plunge and joining us here on the Forum where we have many of your fellow Antipodeans and lifelong Poldark enthusiasts, so you will be in good company.

It's wonderful that the new series of Poldark is being shown in Australia on ABC where we know it has been as passionately embraced by a massive TV audience as it has here; my 22 year old daughter who lives in Coolangatta is totally hooked now.  I have been very impressed with the way we are seeing the script align much more authentically with the dialogue in the books this time and my personal feeling is that the cast has been well chosen and are doing a wonderful job with their roles; most especially Demelza who for me seems to have skipped right off the page and on to the screen.  I was initially unsure about Ruby Bentall as Verity, but I think she has blossomed beautifully into the role and is bringing the Verity of the books alive so well.  Dwight Enys is another very well cast role and I'm really looking forward to seeing him grow as the storyline progresses and the strong friendship between him, Ross and Demelza flourishes.  Who is your favourite character?

The news that the BBC have commissioned a second series is very encouraging as the intrinsic beauty of the story still remains within the pages of the books, where we can see every single scene that WG wrote and interpret it in our own personal way, whilst still thoroughly enjoying the new adaptation in all its breathtaking glory.  There seems no doubt in my mind that we will see the books devoured by a whole new generation of avid readers, which is just what we have always dreamed of happening.  

On Sunday, as unbelievable as it seems, we see the penultimate episode of this first series and it's going to be an emotional one, as we know; I can hardly bear to watch, but of course, I will.  Thank goodness there will be a second series, and after the final episode many of us will be rushing out to buy the DVD to keep us going, with the books, until series 2 of Poldark returns.  


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Date: Apr 18 6:59 AM, 2015

Hello to everyone here, I have been a long-time lurker of this forum, and now finally joined to follow and post on the discussion of the New Series which started here last Sunday.

When the first TV series came out, I was a little too young to get interested but my Mum and sister were avid watchers. But we have all been what you call Poldark Experts on the books. I have read the books more times than I can remember, although I think I have only read Bella twice.

My books are all paperbacks with scenes from the TV series on the covers. Therefore, my pictures of the characters are influenced by those, but I am not a great expert on the series, as I have only watched the first 2-3 episodes. I intended to finish it, but the travesty of changing the central story really irked me, and I found myself reluctant to go on. Now, of course, I will be entangled in the new Poldark series.

I will spend a little time finding a favourite quote to put on my signature, although you have all taken the best ones. Thanks for having this site to feed our passion!

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