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Post Info TOPIC: When were the books renamed.


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Date: Apr 15 5:39 PM, 2015
When were the books renamed.

Welcome to the Forum Sheep of Demelza, interesting name as I can't seem to recall any sheep in her life ? smile

Regarding posting pictures click on the link below....

Quite a few secondhand choices in the USA for WG's autobiography in the link below, or enter "Memoirs of a Private Man" into Google for a new copy.

Firstly dustjacket pics of all WG's books and secondly the subforums dealing with each....

A few members have copies of all first edition Poldark books which you can find out more about in the Book Club in Poldark Experts.

Hope this helps.



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Date: Apr 14 6:14 AM, 2015

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I have actually been a member here for 5 or so years.  I rarely login or post though.  I do have a way of seeing the new adaptation.  Hopefully there will be enough interest to continue through more of the books. 

I have not tracked down WG's biographical Memoirs yet.  Back in the 1980s we had friends in Cornwall, whom the family visited.  My parent did get to meet WG.  We have signed copy of "The stranger from the sea."  I did track down the film version, fell asleep watching it.  Why I hope that the new adaptation could continue the story with some connectivity. 

 Sometime I should figure out how to post pictures here.  I have a doll I named Demelza that I got in Falmouth back in the 1980s.  Would also be interesting to see more early book dust jacket photograps.   As noted I have  a copy of "Demelza" by the Author of "The Renegade."  Would love to know if anyone has the early editions, how the characters were depicted.


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Date: Apr 13 4:36 PM, 2015

Welcome to the forum, Sheep of Demelza - what an unusual name!

The first four books in Poldark were always called  'Ross Poldark', 'Demelza', 'Jeremy Poldark' and 'Warleggan' in UK.  I believe it was only when an American book club printed their editions that the titles were altered.  Perhaps 'The Renegade'  appealed more to their readership.  From what I understand, the books were very successful in the US, whatever their titles.

Have you got a copy of WGs Memoirs?  He does explain a little in that book about how he re-wrote several of his earlier books and re-titled them.

Are you able to see the new TV series or do you have to wait until June?

Mrs G



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Date: Apr 13 6:15 AM, 2015

I was wondering when and why the first four Poldark books were renamed?

In reading the old series review on the new serial, I noticed the first four books were referred to by the character names.

Back in the 1980s when I was at the peak of my Poldark interest, I happened on a book club edition of Demelza, with a decidedly dark haired portrait on the cover.  I found this in the thrift store where there were dozens of TV series tie in paperbacks.  I looked and looked, but could never find editions titled 'The Renegade,'  or the title I liked best "Venture once more."  Even "The Last Gamble" in my mind is a better title.

Ironically, according to the front piece, even Book "Demelza" was titled as "Elizabeth's story."

I know that Nevil Shute (One of my other favorite authors) Had issues with Publishers changing the titles.  The American editions having different titles than the UK ones.





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