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Date: Dec 16 8:00 PM, 2016
RE: Poldark Mine

I visited the Poldark mine in 2015. The staff told us that the mine was under new ownership and that changes for the better were on their way. The mine tour was interesting but the shop disappointing. Expanding the shop is on the agenda for expansion and improvement.

The miner who was our guide on the tour told us that it is likely there will be mining again in Cornwall in the not too distant future. The problem is competing with countries such as China on price.




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Date: Jun 27 11:05 PM, 2014

Hi and a very warm welcome indeed to the forum and great to see the photos ! Did Aidan and Eleanor appear as well ?

Very interesting to read and catch up with what's going on after so long and that so much valuable heritage activity is planned, I had no idea there were miles of tunnels either are there any maps or similar ? I did visit once years ago but expecting to see a lot of things concerning Poldark was left very disappointed, only a few books on a shelf in a curio shop. Are there any plans to restart any mining in the future as there must still be some miners left somewhere or is it no longer economical these days  ?

Definitely worth a visit at some stage many thanks for letting us all


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Date: Jun 27 9:35 AM, 2014

I'm presently in Australia, but next time I'm in the UK I will be sure to visit The Poldark Mine! It looks wonderful entirely & you sound like passionate fellows and ladies as far as historically relevant locations are concerned. Thank you so much for sharing these great photos.



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Date: Jun 26 5:41 PM, 2014

Just a note to all members to say that Poldark Mine has re-opened (21st May 2014) under new management and that all members will be welcomed if they call and see us. The former owners have departed and work has commenced to restore the gardens and the museum which had been allowed to fall into decay for close to 14 years. Unexpectedly, many items were taken away by the former owners, thankfully much of the collection was saved and the site is no longer under threat of becoming "developed" into housing or some other similar fate. Some items taken have been recovered and others  may well be returned in due course.

At present the excellent mine tour is running following major remedial works to the mine, some equipment has been restored, much more is planned. The theme will no longer be as an "attraction" but as a working open air museum set in a peaceful garden demesne in the heart of rural Cornwall. We are unique in many respects not least that we are an historic tin mine and the only deep mine still pumped in Cornwall  that visitors can go down - we pump 30,000 gallons each day - that's around 3 million annually. "Attractions" and fun palaces are all very fine but there are others who can do these things far better.

The memorial to the late Angharad Rees has been relocated to the Mine Entrance for members of the public to see.  She often visited the mine and not long before her sad passing.  She loved the gardens as did Winston Graham, both are fondly remembered by veteran senior guide Percy Rawlings who has been working at the mine for over 20 years and has come back to join the new team.

The new series of Poldark is due to be broadcast on BBC1 in 2014 and is being filmed mostly in Cornwall. All the underground sequences have been filmed here again and we were pleased to host the BBC team here at the Mine last Tuesday - some images are attached. We hope to have an exhibition of the sets and costumes in the coming year. Several items have been loaned to the props department for use in filming such as the unique 1844 Ting Tang Mine bell that was cast at the Perran Foundry.

We are working hard to get the demesne gardens back into good order but there is much to do. We have been busy chopping down overgrown conifers to open up new vistas and to give some of the specimen trees a better chance to grow well.

A lot of the old tat has been taken away and much more tidying is planned with some new ideas that will enhance the gardens for all and  a new covered area especially for wedding couples, concerts and presentations.

Any help would be appreciated if members want to come and do some restoration on a voluntary basis.  We will also be looking for volunteer (costumed) stewards for the new museum and visitor centre. There will be new additions to the museum that will include telephony, teleprinters, and communications, railways and other aspects of our industrial heritage.

It is hoped to install a tramway through the grounds and to relocate all of the machinery into new buildings to enable proper restoration and return as many as we can to working order. A camera obscura may be on the cards, along with some other interesting things to do. A new boiler house is planned and hopefully the 1850 Cornish Beam engine will be running on steam in a year or so inside a new engine house. A power house is also planned along with a compressor house. The restoration of the 1904 water wheel and 1493 leat will enable electricity to be generated.

We intend to have costumed volunteers on site as often as we can. If you feel interested in doing this, we would be pleased to hear from you.

A warm welcome will be extended to all members and a 25% discount offered on production of a current membership card.

We feel sure that the Poldark "family of friends" will approve of our new residents - a  pair of rare black swans - Peter and Jose, along with our two pairs of  Mandarin ducks that now grace the upper pond here.  The beautiful swans are named after the original founders of the museum - Peter and Jose Young who are still living in Spain.  Peter has been very supportive as has his daughter Lindsay and we wish Jose a speedy recovery and return from hospital.

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