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Date: Apr 26 10:03 PM, 2014
RE: Cornish stories



Tide was nearly full. Mist lay in a grey scarf along the line of the cliffs.
.. and they walked home hand in hand through the slanting shadows of the new darkness.

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Sundee Sko-ool by Les Merton

Fredd Treloar et sebben yers ole waas a debbel, a reel 'eller. Es Mawthur, Maud, got et inta er ed Sundee Sko-ool waas tha ansur. She sent Freddy wan Sundee mornun. Furst thing Freddy ax'd wen ee got theer waas:

"Qhat time do ee ga ome?"

Preechur said: "Denner time."

Freddy ad a queek geek roun, ee cudden see a clok naw wheer. So ee ax'd the Preechur: "Ow do ee knew wen es denner time?"

"Wen I feel ungrey," tha Preechur ray-plied.

"Ded ee av a beg brekfuss?" Freddy ax'd, weth a worred look un es faace.

At the Pictures by Les Merton

Tha onlay time Granny Thomas wen ta tha pictures, waas et tha Odeon en Faalmuff. Et tha start ov tha film, sha cudden figure en owt toll, so sha stood up en shouted owt: "weer tha oall keep disapeer-un ta?"

Missus Laity's Tay Room: stories, poems and anecdotes in Cornish dialect by Les Merton.


Grateful acknowledgements: Les Merton.


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