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Date: Mar 23 5:34 PM, 2010
RE: ITV Video

I was devastated that original cast members were not used in ITV Stranger from the Sea, and refused to watch when it appeared on television. However, recently I purchased it from e-bay where it is being given away....1.

I only decided to watch it due to my love of the story....

When Ross finally returns home from London, Demelza runs out to meet him. They meet on the steps. Oh for goodness sake....we all know that Ross would have given his Demelza a long and lingering kiss....but not in this version........wooden, wooden, wooden. No chemistry.

And as for the ending..........




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Date: Oct 31 3:35 PM, 2006

I have to admit, I absolutely detested this film. I discovered the Poldarks just before Christmas 2001 (watching UK Gold on about the 23rd as I had rare time off work!). By about the second week of January, I had the entire first series on VHS, had seen series 2 on TV and had read the first 6 books. So I really jumped in head first and didn't emerge for years.

It was only a couple of months after this that I got hold of the '99 Poldark. So, you might argue that I wasn't as wedded to the BBc production as I am now. I was warned off it but was so desperate to soak up anything with Poldark in the title that I took no notice!

I was stunned at how badly they had interpreted this book, and by all accounts, this was the version of script that Mr Graham was satisfied with, having rejected two previous versions. The casting was ridiculous. I like John Bowe, he's wonderful in almost everything he does. But Ross Poldark he isn't. Demelza just wasn't Demelza. She was like something out of the Thorn Birds and so was Clowance. Not one member of the cast had any of the class or charisma that made us all care about the characters when we first saw them on screen.

Added to this, I don't think the Stranger from the Sea is a standalone book. You need to know what went before or none of it makes sense. How was the new viewer supposed to tell that the portrait that George was mooning over was Elizabeth? There was no explanation of why Ross had been away so long and cetainly no feeling when he came back that anyone had particularly missed him. And anyone would think he hadn't seen Clowance in years, not weeks.

As it's Hallowe'en today and therefore a day to appreciate all things frightful and shocking, I might have another attempt to watch this tonight....!

<dream>ITV should apologise for the travesty they created, call Robin, Angharad, Michael/Judy/Kevin et al and get them in for a meeting asap </dream>


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Date: Jan 6 9:39 PM, 2006

I have just watched the whole of the BBC series followed by the one-off video from the later ITV attempt. I didn't remember too much about the ITV one before I watched it. I thought that the script was poor and the casting of Ross and George Warleggan not too good either. At the end I was left with the impression that a follow on was planned as it didn't really finish properly and left a lot of unfinished threads. Does anyone know if they intended further episodes or am I missing another video?

It was not a patch on the BBC originals, which were every bit as good as I remembered all these years later (a pity that the videos were cut down versions of the original broadcasts).

I think its about time that someone completed the series properly from where the BBC one originally finished.

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