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Post Info TOPIC: The day we almost lost Robin!!!!

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Date: Oct 17 5:44 AM, 2012
RE: The day we almost lost Robin!!!!

Haha! You should tell Robin about it - I bet he remembers!




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Date: Oct 16 5:25 PM, 2012

I think I must be in Facebook mode - want to tick 'Like' to that comment !!



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Date: Oct 16 6:36 AM, 2012

Thank goodness he escaped unharmed! Just imagine how sad it would be after having escaped the Frenchies, narrowly avoided a hanging for being found guilty of smuggling and inciting the mob, not to mention being set upon by George and his henchmen, only to be run over by a Fiat!  I think our handsome Cap'n would be a bit red faced had he been squashed by a mere car biggrin


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Date: Oct 15 5:44 PM, 2012

What an unusual story just glad Robin was ok ! 


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Date: Oct 15 9:52 AM, 2012

A film crew has been using parts of my house as a set over the last few days. It's not a film of mine, but one that's being produced by Michael Clarkin (with whom I'm developing a completely different film), but I agreed to let him use my house as a favour.  Anyhow... The Director of the scenes being shot in my kitchen was searching through my bookshelves, looking for an old hardback to be used as a prop, when he came across my Poldark paperbacks. 'See this feller," he said, "I nearly killed him a few yrs ago" He was pointing to Robin Ellis as Ross on the cover. It happened that Craig, the director, had travelled from Glasgow  to London to record Robin in an ad for Fiat. During the shoot Robin was run over!!! Craig leaves for NY in a few days and has travelled extensively & seen and done some memorable things, but he says he'll never forget the dark day in London when he nearly killed Cap't Poldark!

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