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Date: Jan 26 11:40 PM, 2012
RE: Pride and Prejudice sequel

There have been many Austen follow-ons. I just finished reading "Death Comes To Pemberly". It's a police procedural (suprise) in format. No spoilers, but I felt the writing and characters lacked vibrancy.

I recommend Marsha Altman's sequels:

Much funnier and wittier.



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Date: Jan 19 9:57 PM, 2012

I've always been disappointed with sequels written by other than the original author. Several years ago I read a P&P sequel (can't remember the title), but it was sadly lacking Jane Austen's wit and perception.

Same with a sequel to Gone with the Wind; it read like a long-winded Mills&Boon novel.

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Date: Jan 8 3:33 PM, 2012

welcome back Mrs G and happy new year!

SOunds an interesting sequel, havent seen it but will have a look on amazon kindle!

I think thats what draws me back to Poldark again and again, the atmosphere and the feeling that you are entering a different yet strangely familiar world. Its a most unique sensation but very comforting and warming! 


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Date: Jan 5 5:40 PM, 2012

Hello everyone,

I am now back in circulation after various travels and hiccups along the way.  A Happy New Year to you all.

Have any of you read the new PD James sequel to P&P  (Death Comes to Pemberley)?  I will not discuss the plot, but was surprised at the poor quality of the narrative.  Over the last few months I have read several new publications, but took away with me a Poldark book (First Ed. Demelza) and reading that was like donning comfortable old clothes.  It struck me afresh how very accomplished WG was at evoking the mood, atmosphere and scenes with just a few well-chosen words.  I have not come across another author who draws you into the world he has created so convincingly.

Anyway, to return to PD James;  I  recommend the book providing you are not expecting to find it written a la Austen.  She does to a degree capture some of the zeitgeist of the 1800s, but it is a bit of a plod and there is a deal of re-hashing of the events in the original, which is a little unnecessary as no-one is likely to read it who does not know P&P.  I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has also read it.

Hope no-one has suffered any damage in these winds; tis blowing a right old hoolie down here.  Nuff to bring a wreck in....

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