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Date: Mar 2 8:55 PM, 2011
RE: Missing scenes

Hi Ladies, yes, I'm pretty sure that both these scenes were shown when it was first screened on TV in 1975.  ooops thats giving my age away now, oh dearie me smile


Tide was nearly full. Mist lay in a grey scarf along the line of the cliffs.
.. and they walked home hand in hand through the slanting shadows of the new darkness.


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Date: Mar 2 6:26 PM, 2011

Hello Katrina - I am sure I remember the scenes with Demelza i) under the pump and ii) on top of the cupboard..... or am I just imagining it?!




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Date: Feb 24 12:55 PM, 2011

I can remember that scene on TV!

Haven't watched it lately, as my copies are on VHS tape and my tape player is 'under the weather!'

H'mm a DVD set of Poldark might be a good idea for a b'day present - must tell the family!

One false move and Phit! ye're dead . . .


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Date: Feb 23 8:24 PM, 2011

I saw on another post that someone mentioned remember Demelza hiding in a cupboard in Nampara when she was first brought back and how the US VHS nor DVDs show that scene.

Seems to me I remember a scene that was on TV but not on the VHS or DVD - Ross was bringing Demelza home for the first time and was washing her neck under the water pump outside. Does anyone else remember this or am I confusing it with my multiple readings of the book (and the writing so good I just assume it was televised biggrin)?

Can anyone remember any other 'missing' scenes?

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