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Post Info TOPIC: Dutch DVDs - Advice anyone?


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Date: Dec 23 11:22 AM, 2013
RE: Dutch DVDs - Advice anyone?

I realise that no-one has posted here for some time, but I just wanted to say that I bought the Dutch DVDs from Amazon and they work on my DVD player which isn't multi-region. It's just a normal English one. I think that these are the original, full episodes which were originally aired. Indeed, there are a few bits that I'd never seen before, which was rather exciting!

Just remember to turn the Dutch subtitles off...

Oh, and they've strangely picked a picture of Dwight and Keren to put on the front...odd...



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Date: Oct 27 11:24 AM, 2010

Oh, if I had the opportunity to purchase unedited dvd's, knowing that they would play on my dvd player, then I would jump at the chance...

Bella :)



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Date: Oct 27 11:17 AM, 2010

The DutchDVD (I only have series 2) is unedited as far as I know. It has the episodes stored just like they were screened on the BBC, I think. The credits at the end of the episodes for example are shown on clips of Cornwall nature and not on a black screen like on the Playback DVD's.

Region-wise I would only advise it if yourDVD player can handle it by being a multi-region one.



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Date: Oct 26 5:54 PM, 2010

Now, listen to me Mrs G.....

My lovely sweet Mrs Gimlett....'ye don't want to be buying any Dutch dvd's cos ye be asking for trouble!!! I know there are different formats for different countries, ie there is Region 1 and Region 2, or something like that, and you have to check that your dvd player can play them....

I recently bought all the dvds off e-bay. I stayed calm (ha!) and bought them one by one. You gotta play the game Mrs G, cos you could get them all for a bargain. One of them was 5, and another 3.50. Since then, I have seen individual prices for as little as 1.99....

I waited quite a while for the final dvd which completed my collection...and trust me, they come up on e-bay all the time... check out hmv online too, cos they sometimes have Poldark going for a bargain....

Ye don't have to take my advice, but basically, what I be saying is, that you be better off buying from this country, then you can poke the fire, put your feet up with a nice glass 'o port and enjoy your dvds with no problems.

Now, I be adding an edit here, cos I did not read your post properly, and I can see you mention an extra 100 minutes on the Dutch version. That does sound exciting, and therefore maybe my advice should be different, but 100 minutes extra? That does seem a lot doesn't it? I would give anything for an extra 100 minutes Mrs Gimlett, but like you, I not be sure if I'd risk it.....maybe Tholly will advise, cos when he not be in Sally's he do seem very wise :)

I guess it won't be long before you are making your gorgeous Plum Pudding, oh happy days Jane, Happy days :)

All my love Bella xxxx

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Date: Oct 26 5:26 PM, 2010

Hello All

I am considering purchasing the complete series of DVDs and have noted that on Amazon a Dutch version is available. On one of the reviews it says that series one is 100 minutes longer than other versions. There are no reviews of series 2. As a newcomer to all this technical stuff can someone please advise me? If I buy Dutch DVDs will they play on an ordinary player? It does state that they are in English with Dutch subtitles, so I imagine that is alright.

Does the extra 100 minutes mean that the series is likely to be unedited? I have read the topics about Aussie and US versions, but this one seems as though it might be worth trying. Any thoughts would be welcome please.

The discs are not too costly either!!

Awaiting replies.

Jane Gimlett
Nampara kitchen (as usual)

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