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Post Info TOPIC: Waterloo - The Twisted Sword - Sharpe


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Date: Apr 30 4:09 PM, 2010
RE: Waterloo - The Twisted Sword - Sharpe

The series seems to be have been poplaur in the 70's  from what Ive read (I wasn't around then). But I guess that they didn't film the second generstion right away, as they didn't really have the ability to age the actors up over 10 years. It wouldn't have been suitble somehow to use different actors either. But I think the mid 80's to 1990's would have been a great time to continue the story with the same actors wouldn't it?
Too late for that now I laso think there's not likely to be a remake of the whole saga. TV companies seem to be playing it really safe now, with the big budget TV costume dramas. They keep remaking Jane Austen's and Jane Eyre, because they know their popular and therefore finacially safe. I love them, but I think I'd like something different on TV.
I think Sharpe is repeated because of the fact it's popular, but also because it was expensive to make. They get their money back with repeats. Same with Hornblower.


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Date: Feb 7 10:59 AM, 2010

It never ceases to amaze me why the later Poldark books have not been snapped up to be made into a continuing series or even a film, but for anyone interested, take a look at the episode of Sharpe that's currently being screened on 'Yesterday' TV.  It reflects the build up to the battle of Waterloo, the Duchess of Richmond's ball and the struggles of the British troops.  I can vividly picture Jeremy, Cuby and Ross caught up in it as the action unfolds.  The acting, costumes and atmospheric filming are superb, and reinforces the fact that this sort of production can be achieved successfully and has become a classic TV must watch series which is also extremely financially lucrative.

I always enjoy watching Sharpe, but this must be my favourite episode, but it does make me wonder why the long running Sharpe saga has been filmed so successfully and is continually repeated, when the Poldark saga was cut off in its prime and no-one has seen the potential popular success that it would be if the later books were filmed.  Maybe we should write to the Sharpe production team?

PS.  It's on 'Yesterday' at the moment!!!! started at 10am.

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