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Post Info TOPIC: Back Again -- with DVD News


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Date: Feb 11 7:42 PM, 2010
RE: Back Again -- with DVD News

Hi Dwightfan,
I spent even more money buying the Australian release of the series instead of the much cheaper English version just because the Australian series was presented in the proper original episode format without edits instead of being run together like in the British release.
I don't usually do that with DVDs -I usually get what's cheapest and convinient - but with a series as special as this I wanted it presented properly.
If the Canadian release you pre ordered has proper episodes and no edits you will have got your money's worth.  It's also the sort of thing you can watch again.



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Date: Feb 6 10:53 AM, 2010

Greetings Dwightfan and welcome back. Know what you mean about never losing your love for poldark, once its in your blood , its there for life! 
Join in the word game, its all very amiable, well most of  the time, just the odd duel now and again ! but its great fun and a good way of reading poldark again..
enjoy the dvds when they arrive.


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Date: Feb 5 10:17 PM, 2010

Hi Dwight Fan, welcome back; hope you'll stay around and help us to keep the forum buzzing.  Great news about the DVD's becoming available and well done you for treating yourself, we all need a little self-indulgence every so often, so enjoy!!!  If you haven't popped in here for a while, you'll probably see a few additions to the posts, we've added some video clips of the TV series here and there on the original actors section and we have a Poldark word game going great guns too, feel free to join in if you'd like to. 

Stick around and have some Poldark fun and especially let us know how you enjoy your new DVD's. teevee.gif


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Date: Feb 5 4:48 PM, 2010

Hello everybody! I've been away from this board for a while, not that I've stopped loving Poldark! That can't happen. I don't know if every Poldark fan knows this, but I just pre-ordered Poldark on DVD. It's available in Canada (where I live) on March 2nd. Just so every fan knows... this is Season One.. it's 60 dollars Canadian. Just FYI. I've pre-ordered it (some feeble excuse about it being a birthday present to myself...) Thanks!

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