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Post Info TOPIC: newbie hello -discovered Poldark throo'archive TV hobby


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Date: Oct 24 6:29 PM, 2009
RE: newbie hello -discovered Poldark throo'archive TV hobby

Its lovely to read all the updates since I have been away.  Nice to see so many newcommers to the site.  Loved the old series of the Forsyth Saga so had to get the DVDs - Eric Porter was wonderful as Soames (he was not married to Nyreen Dawn Porter).  Loved the new series as well but felt that Damien Lewis was miscast as Soames - was not as sympathetic a character as in the first series.  In the books Soames is such a sad character but one that is so easily identified with as completely of his era.

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Date: Oct 22 11:55 AM, 2009

Thank you Namparagirl, Char Nanafan and Amber for the warm welcome.

I've finished Stranger from the sea and found it a bit labourious, not as good as The Angry Tide but still O.K.  I am waiting for the Miller's Dance to arrive now. You've got me looking forward to it.

The old Forsyte Saga was the first drama my Mum watched on her own TV ever back in the 60's so it is a  landmark thing for her.  I bought the 60's version a few years ago partly for my archive TV interest and partly for her to see it again for the first time in 40 years.
Also thanks for telling me about the new Forsyte Saga being available on youtube. I must have a look at that.



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Date: Oct 18 11:37 PM, 2009

Welcome from me too Jenny.

Cha Nanfan is an excellent moderator,keeps us all in check!!

You will love it here. I especially like Namparagirls clips from the books.
I am halfway through The Millers Dance at the moment,Goerge has just married Harriet..And I am enjoying it immensely.

On another note,I watched the new Forsyte saga last week and instantly loved it,as I did the original with Eric Porter and Nyree Dawn Porter,(were they married in real life?)
Anyway, I put Forsyte saga in You Tube and guess what? Someone has only downloaded the whole series...So I had a very pleasant Sunday last week and watched 38 episodes,(each episode is about 4 seperate parts.A bit fiddly but definately worth it...)
I wrote a note to the 'uploader' and asked where the last episode was,and found today he/she had uploaded the last 2 episodes on Friday.Bliss!!
40 episodes of magic. Check it out,it is very well cast and Soames is a monster!!

It is rare that I like modern re-makes of an old classic,but this is a belter...

There are also the first 3 or 4 episodes of the original there too,but that was a complete wind up as there are no more yet.

Anyway,nice to see another new member.

Enjoy !! I know I do....



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Date: Oct 16 8:10 AM, 2009

Hello and Welcome redrachel, you have come to the rigtht place if you like all things poldark.
Im sure you will enjoy reading  the books, like Namparagirl says , they are beautifully written and so absorbing. Please join in on our discussions, we always like talking poldark here and any new thoughts are always welcome.biggrin


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Date: Oct 15 11:12 PM, 2009

Hi Redrachel, and a very big welcome to this forum, which I'm sure you will find very interesting.  We love to see new members joining and it's great that you are now embarking on reading WG's wonderful Poldark books; you will be in very good company here as we're all crazy about them.  Like the rest of us, once you start, you just can't get enough, the books are totally absorbing and so beautifully written and the TV series is absolutely unforgettable.

Enjoy reading and watching and look forward to seeing you posting here soon.  reading.gif  teevee.gifbiggrin


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Date: Oct 15 8:40 PM, 2009

I just thought I should say a quick hello before I start posting.  Basically I discovered Poldark through my hobby of old archive British TV from the 70's and 80's.
I particularly liked those old British dramas where  it's played out like a theatre and you follow the story and characters for weeks.  The characters then develop and deepen the way they can never do on modern TV.    Examples of Dramas that I liked that followed this style were Blake's 7, Survivors (1975), Tenko, To Serve Them All My Days, Secret Army etc......
I also like the creativeness in old TV.
Anyhow one day while visiting a relative in the UK I saw a scene from Poldark on TV and thought I'ed take a chance. It looked exactly like the sort of thing I've just described. I thought I'ed buy  the DVD as a trial. 
I never expected to enjoy it that much. It was fantastic.

I now have both series on DVD and have started reading the books.
It's a bit hard for me to get to British archive TV because I now live in Israel although I was born and grew up in the UK. 

I'm so pleased to have found this forum.

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