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Date: Oct 30 9:04 PM, 2008
RE: Newbie Stops In To Say Hello

Yes, Welcome indeed. I was lucky enough, or should I say old enough, to view the BBC Television Series first time round in the 70's, and have remained fascinated ever since. I am also lucky enough to have the complete Series 1 & 2 on video, and am just reading through all twelve books back to back, for the second time around, although I have dipped in here and there over the years, including some excellent Audio Books voiced by Tony Britton, arguably maybe the very best way to be immersed in pure Poldark heaven. Although still endlessly fascinating, the TV Series does now feel a little dated, simply because of the way that dramatisations have moved on in the last forty years.

I think next time I read all the way through, I am going to make a note of how many disparate ways WG refers to the differing states of the sea and shoreline, sometimes so critical in mood setting for a particular scene. He must have just sat watching the sea for hours in all sorts of condtions to be able to desribe it in so many evocative ways. Leave aside his amazingly accurate historical research (just Wiki or Google any of the main historical characters, other than the Poldarks and Warleggans of course, and chances are you'll find that WG knew as much about them as you can find out from the Web, which didn't even exist when he was doing his research), leave aside his story telling talent, leave all that aside, and his skill with painting word pictures is what brings all his characters even more to life than they were on the screen, which is probably why I enjoy the books, and the audios, even more than the TV Series.


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Date: Oct 30 7:18 PM, 2008

Yes, a true fan of Poldark indeed, going to have to tell my
daughter about this site, maybe she'll join as well. 

My daughter loves to read she did read a book or two from
the Poldark series that someone gave her, it wasn't a whole
set, one was titled Demelza, I think that's why the lady gave
her the books. Maybe one day she'll get to see the video/series. 

Not sure my son would be as interested in it as daughter & I are. 

I would love it if PBS would run the 1975 series again, been far too
long since I've seen it, need a refresher. aww

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Date: Oct 30 10:34 AM, 2008

Hi MidiaB and welcome to obviously a real fan ! Have your children read the books yet ?

There's been one or two other members on here in the past who've either been named after a Poldark character or given it to their children as well. I've not heard of any member called Drake yet, though we do have a lady member from Ireland named Demelza as her mother was a real fan too. No idea whether it's true or not but I did hear that apparently somebody in the audience at the launch of WG's autobiography in Truro in '03 said her husband was definitely called Demelza !!  Brought the house down it seems....biggrin


She had said to him: 'Well, boy,' and his life had changed.


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Date: Oct 30 5:03 AM, 2008

I've been a fan of Poldark for years, unfortunately it's been over
22 yrs since I've seen the series. First time I saw it was in 1980
when I was pregnant for our first born son, our local PBS ran it 
again when I was pregnant for our first born daughter, we were
looking for british names for our kids, we choose Drake for our
son's name & Demelza is our daughter's name. I used to get
asked, the kids still get asked where their names came from,
especially Demelza, not very many girls named that in the USA, 
the name Drake has become a bit more popular over the years. 

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