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Date: Feb 16 1:19 PM, 2007
RE: Nampara House

Dear Caroline Penvenen Enys and Ross Poldarkthank you very much.
I read the first book, Ross, twice, becaus e I did not foun the othe 3.
However now I foun them. The first book is the heaven.
Demelza is my heroe and Garrick is the lovely dog in the world.
I do not forgett the moment when the little Demelza, with wood on his arms, and Garrick behind her was passing and Ross call her...

Sorry, but I can not express very well my thoughts because my english is poor.

When I read the Second, Demelza, I begin to soffer with the lecture, always expecting an infortune to Demelza and Ross and it appens...

When I will finish this 4 book, I think I will need to see the BBC serie, but I think that it is not in portuguese.

I do not understand but I like books about the english society, XVIII, XIX, centuries...

However I like England and english people.

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Date: Feb 14 5:14 PM, 2007

Hi Carlos and welcome

Demelza certainly liked her glass of port as you say ! And not saying too much right now but as you read on through the rest of the books you might find there’s an occasional mention of Portugal too

To add a little more to what Caroline said, if you first click on

Then go down and click on entry number 11. this will you tell you a bit more about the three real film locations used in the BBC TV series back in the 1970’s with some pictures.

The fictional Nampara in the books was based in and around the small town of Perranporth also on the North West coast.

Do you know if you can buy the videos or DVDs in Portuguese ?



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Date: Feb 14 3:12 PM, 2007

Hello Carlos and welcome to the foums! I'm glad you're enjoying the books - be sure to let us know your thoughts when you're finished.

It depends on whether you mean the fictional Nampara or the real Nampara. The real Nampara is near Penzance, right on the tip of Cornwall - I think the place is called St Just.

The fictional Nampara can be seen on the map at the link below - it's from this site .

Best wishes

-- Edited by Caroline Penvenen Enys at 15:14, 2007-02-14

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Date: Feb 14 8:55 AM, 2007

Hello, my name is Carlos.
I am reading now the 4th Poldark. I love all the books very much. I am looking for a map with the correct location of Nampara House. I can find Truro and Falmouth in the maps, but I loved to know where is Nampara House. Reading Poldark gives us an desire to live in Cornwall, however the whether. I am seeing  allways Cornish West by Google Earth. I live in Portugal, Oporto, and I love Demelza and it's prefered drink - porto.

-- Edited by carlos at 09:20, 2007-02-14

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