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Date: Jul 19 5:50 PM, 2008
RE: 28. The Green Flash - 1986

I just read this.  It went a little slow, but it was interesting. 

The main character, David, like Ross Poldark, does not like to see women get drunk!

This David is one lucky guy - he gets away with pretty much everything he does, sort of like Ross, except for 4 months he does in stir for a youthful crime.  As for women, he gets basically whatever he wants.  He comes in for a title he did not expect, and is always successful in his career, even getting away with one situation where he sold his employer's throwaways on the side.  He was having an affair with the owner of the company, and she forgave him!

He twice kills people accidentally - in both cases a woman, first his mother (when he killed his father) and his lover (when he killed his wife) come forward to help him with the inquest, thereby enabling him to get away with verdicts of death by misadventure.  Both cases do seem to be true accidents, though.  (The father a bit unbelievable since it involves an 11 year old successfully pushing a grown man).  But with the wife, he could have gotten into much more trouble - he'd been angry with her earlier the same evening. 

In the end, he seems to redeem himself by deciding to go back to his much older lover (she was 23 years older, though he originally though 13 years older, since she had lied on her passport which he'd peeked at - she must have been a beauty indeed, to be able to disguise her age by ten years at the age of 56!  Gee, I'd love to get away with someone that intimately involved with one thinking I'm 46 when I'm 56!).  This when he could have his cousin's beautiful young wife, who could give him an heir. 

There is some gratuitous description in the book - the best example being a bridge game described in much detail.  I don't know bridge, so I found that tedious.  There's "mystery" to be solved that is pretty good.  His love stories are interesting, though the last one seems a little dull. 

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Date: Sep 9 11:52 AM, 2004

28. The Green Flash - 1986.

"Defies one not to read absorbing unpredictable chronicle." - Daily Mail.

"Tremendous narrative power." - Martyn Goff. Daily Telegraph.

"Winston Graham keeps an unfailing grip on a narrative that tightens with every page." - David Hughes. Mail on Sunday.

"An excellent story" - The Guardian.

*    *    *    *

David Abden is dangerous. Young, attractive, a baronet's nephew, he is already a convicted felon, and he killed his own father at the age of eleven. Or did he ? The best of everything is David's aim - in his chosen world of perfumery, in fast cars, and in women: Shona, the exotic Russian emigre; the feline and enchanting Erica; the gentle Alison. The success he achieves in the shadowy world of business intrigue will lead David eventually to another killing, and finally to a reckoning wiith his past....

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