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Date: Jun 13 5:13 PM, 2017
Old fashioned Remedies

Not sure how efficacious Widow Crow's remedies might or might not have been, but she mentioned some intriguing possibilities to Music Thomas at the Michaelmas Fair, where he'd gone to buy some chilblain potion for his brother Art who wanted to give it as a present to Aunt Edie Permewan whom he was courting.

I always think the following is one of the funniest scenes in all the books when she says it's a very special cold potion made up of frog spittle, frog sperm, frog juice, frog's eggs all mixed in with resin and balsam to bind it together, telling him you lay it cool upon the chilblains and they'll disappear - just like magic. Music eventually buys it and puts it in his pocket.

Then the old woman having shrewdly guessed that Music was also in love with a girl, who she added could be very difficult and changeable at such special times, quickly suggested he also ought to buy a special love potion she had and get her to drink it all at one go which would be no problem as it had no taste. Specially brewed with the hearts of apple birds and grey birds together with horse-adder and wort, he must make absolutely sure that he was standing beside her for as soon as it had gone down her eyes would light upon him and she would love him till her dying day.

Then the marvellous final scene when by mistake he gives Katie Carter the chilblain potion to drink still makes me laugh every time I read it.

Best of all Music still didn't admit that he might've made a mistake until about three months later towards Christmas time when he finally accepted it was his fault after all, as it seemed perfectly reasonable to him that two weeks after first using the mixture on her feet Edie Permewan should at last give way to Art Thomas's blandishments and agree to marry him.

Such hilarious and wonderfully imaginative writing....biggrin

The Loving Cup, Book 1, Chapter 13, Part three.


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Date: Jun 12 7:47 PM, 2017

Demelza crushed peppercorns to wash the hens and remove their parasites.  There are a number of home remedies mentioned in the books.  No doubt they came from Jean Graham, who also wrote and published a Poldark cook book. 

Which remedies do you think were the most efficacious?  My very old grandmother used to say 'bash it with a Bible' to cure any kind of lump on the skin, be it a bite, a ganglion or a swollen gland! We smiled indulgently and did our own thing.


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